XO Bass Bone Lead Pipe

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XO Bass Bone Lead Pipe

Post by ssking2b » Wed Jan 09, 2019 5:26 pm

For any of you playing an XO bass trombone, which lead pipe are you playing? The Horn comes with 3: a silver pipe, a long Brass pipe, and a shorter Brass pipe (same length as the silver pipe).

BILLO has told me he uses the longer brass pipe, but is thinking about using the silver pipe. I am using the silver pipe, but want to know what the rest of you are using!

Thanks in advance for the feedback!
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Re: XO Bass Bone Lead Pipe

Post by BillO » Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:09 pm

I tried the silver pipe today for a couple of hours and did some switching back and forth. I like it. It gives me a purer tone and is a bit more tolerant to sloppy articulations. It behaves well over the entire dynamic range and seems a bit more controlled in the FF+ range.

I will note though, that my silver pipe is the same length as the long brass pipe and seems to have the same throat and taper too.

I'll give it a long-term test for the spring season before committing to it, but I feel it will easily pass muster.

No real surprise I guess, as I like the silver pipe on my 1236RL-T.
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Re: XO Bass Bone Lead Pipe

Post by Tooloud » Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:45 am

I tried the leadpipes in the beginning. But did'nt bother much with them.
I use the short one, because it helps me to produce the fullest and most "open" sound. The long one gives a bit more control and focus compared to the short one, which makes a round and dark sound.
I did not like the silver one. The overtones somehow sounded not like I want my bass trombone to sound, kind of"clipped off"-sound - in lack of better words.

Forgot to mention: My mouthpiece is a Bach 1 1/4 G, for there problably is an interdependence between the leadpipe and the mouthpoece you use it with.

btw: I also play french horn and I don't like the silver plated horns either. For their sound, of course, although they look rather cool...
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