I Missed The Trombone Forum

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I Missed The Trombone Forum

Post by JPresson » Fri Oct 12, 2018 10:30 pm

Hello All,

If you are reading this then I have successfully joined Trombone Chat and submitted my first post this evening. I missed TTF for many reasons. It was a good place to go for information on identifying a horn, guidance for purchase, and, if nothing else, a source of interesting discussion on almost any trombone topic. I believe trombone players are a different breed, but it was good to see how everyone tried to help and support each other. Trombone Chat appears to have inherited several of the positive qualities of TTF, not to mention several of the members and administrators. I look forward to seeing this forum grow.


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Re: I Missed The Trombone Forum

Post by BGuttman » Fri Oct 12, 2018 11:15 pm

Hi and welcome. This Forum was created as a "lifeboat" in case TTF disappeared. It seems we made the right move: TTF has been gone for quite a while. We all wish Richard will reopen his "shop" and we'll try to carry on the good parts of TTF as much as we can. Pleaswe feel free to add to the discussions.

Note that in order to see your posts and send PM's you need to have two posts. You can post a "marker" in the "Why can't I see my posts" topic -- many have already done so -- to meet the two post requirement.
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