Orla Ed Thayer Independent Bass Valve Section - Rare!

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Orla Ed Thayer Independent Bass Valve Section - Rare!

Post by CLTSymphBass » Fri Sep 14, 2018 2:26 pm

I am selling my original Orla Ed Thayer independent bass trombone valve section with main tuning slide. This is a real deal Orla Ed Thayer section made by the man himself in the late 1980s, not a later O.E. Thayer. This valve section is very rare not only because of it's age but also because it has lightweight anodized aluminum valve cores. These are without a doubt the lightest and fastest Thayer valves I've ever played. The main brace was moved so that this valve section is now compatible with modern Shires bells, any Shires bass bell should fit on this valve section without modifications. A Shires bass tuning slide (and maybe Bach) will fit as well but this sale includes the original main tuning slide which will work with a Shires bell. This valve section has had several repairs and modifications to eliminate leaks, most noticably the Gb inner slide tubes being replaced with longer and widened tubes so that it fits tighter in the valve section. The pictures show the tuning slides all the way in, the Gb tuning slide does stick out like that so that when it is pulled out to be in tune there is more contact between the tubes and less room for leaks. As you can see there is noticable lacquer wear, with repairs and modifications I didn't want any relacquering done as the buffing would thin out the brass. I will be honest, these are old Thayer valves and they have leaked before. I had them pressure tested this week and they don't leak right now but the possibility is there since they are old and somewhat fragile, one shouldn't have these ultrasonic cleaned often. I won on my job on these valves and still like them but I haven't played them regularly in a few years and I want them to go to someone who will play them. I am asking $1700 OBO plus shipping, again this includes the main tuning slide. You can have the fastest Thayer valves in the west!

Scott Hartman
Principal Bass Trombone, Charlotte Symphony Orchestra
Trombone Instructor, Davidson College
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Re: Orla Ed Thayer Independent Bass Valve Section - Rare!

Post by snieckarz » Sat Sep 15, 2018 8:24 am

Those original Orla Ed's are a thing of beauty! If it's not asking too much, can we see a photo of one of the valves? Thanks!
-Steve Nieckarz
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Re: Orla Ed Thayer Independent Bass Valve Section - Rare!

Post by Ingman » Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:12 am

Would you ship to the UK?
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