Marcinkiewicz 7c

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Marcinkiewicz 7c

Post by TromboneMonkey » Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:55 pm


I'd like to post a followup to the following archived topic about the Marcinkiewicz 7c, found here:

Since none who had played the mouthpiece responded with opinions, I went and ordered one on trial to experiment with it. Here's what I found:

-Its inner rim diameter larger than any "stock" 7c I've played except for the Shires.

-It is listed as the same rim diameter as the ET4 Lloyd Ulyate model, which I also own-- I did not find that to be the case. Rather, the HIGH POINT of the rim is in the same place on both models, but the high point of the Ulyate is much further out on its rim, making it smaller on the inside, but have less "bite" to the inner. The 7c feels quite sharp, and big.

-Its depth and cup contour are consistent with other 7cs I've tried.

-It is longer than most 7cs I've tried, which I believe leads it to being:

-One of the brightest 7cs I've tried. In this size, the Black 7c is very dark with lots of lows, a Warburton 7 is slightly brighter, the ET4 Ulyate brighter still (with lots of variation depending on air use), the Bach Corp (no period) I have is a perfect combination of highs and lows, the Marcinkiewicz 7c is edgy and slightly tight but nimble, and the Stork T2, Schilke/Yamaha 47s, and Laskey 48c are all bright to the point of being shrill.

-It is very nimble and slots very well. Very clear also-- no mess in the sound, for better or for worse.

-Range was no issue on it, but I think that endurance would DEFINITELY be a problem or require adjustment due to the narrow, sharp-ish rim in what feels to be a bigger, less-supportive size.

In the end, it did not displace the AR I currently play, which feels more open/easy to play, and has more middle overtones as well as a more comfortable rim. For what it's worth, I also prefer the Marc Ulyate model, which is one of my top-five mouthpieces along with the AR, Reeves 11c, and Purviance 4*3.

Hopefully this will enlighten some potential Marc. 7c players! I can say with authority that as of tomorrow, Mouthpiece Express will have one in stock if you're interested. :good:
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Re: Marcinkiewicz 7c

Post by Reedman1 » Sat Sep 15, 2018 9:03 am

Thank you for this. I wasn't planning to buy a Marcinkiewicz 7C, but I have found their "Bach numbers" and their measurements confusing. This is helpful.
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