Summer 2018 Festivals, Camps, and Events

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Matt K
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Summer 2018 Festivals, Camps, and Events

Post by Matt K » Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:10 am

I've received a number of requests from a variety of players about what options are still available for summer. I thought maybe we should compile a list of these events in one place for easy access. So with that in mind, if anyone is aware of something, post it here and I'll edit this post so that it has all of the information. Let's include the following information:
  • Name of the Event
  • Group coordinating the event
  • Ages Allowed
  • Dates, specifications
  • Location(s)
  • Artists involved
  • Genre(s) applicable (chamber, orchestral, jazz, trombone specific, etc.)
  • Tangential information about the area, event itself, etc.
I'll be adding some information I've came across too but I'll have to do it later today.
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Re: Summer 2018 Festivals, Camps, and Events

Post by LeTromboniste » Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:58 am

Madison Early Music Festival
All ages
July 7-14
Madison, WI
Quicksilver, Piffaro, Schola Antica. Most of the groups' members also act as faculty.
Early Music (on period instruments)

Registration is open for the Madison Early Music Festival workshop, which has great sackbut teachers in Greg Ingles and Liza Malamut. Those who don't own a sackbut might be able to get one on loan from the festival if requested in advance. It's always tons of fun - very intensive in terms of playing and learning, a nice collegiate atmosphere with a mix of amateur players and very advanced students and pros, a great and varied course offering, beautiful location on the UW-Madison campus, good local beer and ice cream by the lake everyday. Plus you get a free pass for the week's concerts, they're always world class and stellar. Course offering ranges from chamber music in various formations to All-Festival group with all participants and faculty playing in the same huge "orchestra" and choir with acting and dancing usually involved in the show, and from interesting theory lectures on notation or history to introductory classes in recorder, bagpipes, improvising Renaissance polyphony (with yours truly), baroque dance, etc. The focus of the whole festival is mostly 16th and 17th century, so the trombones have a very big place.
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