bruckner etüde für das tiefe blech

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bruckner etüde für das tiefe blech

Post by Savio » Mon Jul 01, 2019 4:52 pm

I love this composition in the spirit of Bruckner by Enrique Crespo. Bruckner maybe made the longest phrases or lines of all the romantic symphony composers. I think this group made the long lines come through very nice. Personally I think the the tuba fits better than the contra bass trombone in all arrangements of this song. Bruckner never used Contra bass trombone so this sounds closer to him.
This performance is beautiful. I dont know what setting Crespo originally did write it for?
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Re: bruckner etüde für das tiefe blech

Post by CalgaryTbone » Mon Jul 01, 2019 7:19 pm

Thanks for posting this Leif! I didn't know about this performance, but what a pleasant surprise to hear such a great rendition of the Crespo, made more special for me since I know many of these talented women, and have worked with several of them.

I believe that Crespo wrote this for the German Brass (of which he was a member) and they recorded it - that was the first time that I became aware of it. They used french horns on the top parts, and tuba on the bottom. I have the chart, and Crespo provides alternate parts (French horn/Trombone). I think he was just pragmatic about making it possible to play in a trombone choir setting or as a part of a brass ensemble concert.

Terrific piece that adds a majestic touch to a brass choir or trombone choir concert.

Jim Scott
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