Anyone using a Wedge Mouthpiece?

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Anyone using a Wedge Mouthpiece?

Post by guitrhythm »

I apologize if this has been covered in another thread on the forum but I hadn’t seen it (must admit I didn’t go through all 2000+ topics) and I’m not sure I have the permissions yet (as a newer user) to search the forums.
Anyway, I was having a discussion the other night at my community band practice with another trombone player considering a Wedge, hoping to improve his upper range. He said the concept looks intriguing and plausible. I checked the website and thought they had promise for improving range, control and comfort, but I’m wondering about other players real life experience with them. Anyone out there using a Wedge? :idk:
Any insight, observations or anyone wanting to weigh in would be most appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: Anyone using a Wedge Mouthpiece?

Post by musicofnote »

Real life experience:
Wedges can be terrific. I still use my Wedge 4G if and when I play tenor. Up until about 6 weeks ago I used exclusively Wedges on my bass trombone and that since 2016. Excellent sound, slotting. At the time, it helped me get over a small embouchure problem that was left over from my bad old trumpet days - smiling to get into the extreme high register. It took awhile, but I now can say, I don't do that any more. When I switched over, I gained range both up top and down below - using the wedge took my pedal range down to a usable e-flat and still "sinking". The "new" hybrid mouthpieces took everything to the next level. They cost the same and I can only recommend them, never having played on acrylic or plastic before. Being a semi-dry player, they're excellent, although I have no problems with silver plated pieces.

So why am I leaving? I've always loved the sound and response of the Greg Black pieces I've played, but up until recently, when using them I could feel my "old problem" creeping back in. And not to confound things (much), I allowed myself to be suckered into the hype about Griego Markey pieces and must say, the 85 was very good, but the 87 suits me even better. Feels "strange", but ... works. And now have an analog Greg Black on its way to compare.

I will be forever thankful to Dr. Dave and his Wedges for "curing" me of my problem - it's simple: you can't smile and play a Wedge if you've oriented it properly on your face (one dot at 12 o'clock, one dot at 6 o'clock). So it forced me to learn to play high with a proper pucker, air stream direction and kick.
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Re: Anyone using a Wedge Mouthpiece?

Post by Pezza »

I use wedges on all my instruments.
I have permanent damage to my bottom lip. The wedges take the pressure away from the damaged part.
I have better high & low range and better endurance than on a standard mouthpiece.
I don't know what they are like without the damage, I got them after the accident!
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Re: Anyone using a Wedge Mouthpiece?

Post by Geordie »

I used one for a while. Happy with it. Helped with endurance and range.
However, I eventually found the rim too narrow, which was uncomfortable when playing for longer periods. Did the inevitable consultation with Doug Elliot that I should have done long before I did. As well as a couple of technique tips, I got a mouthpiece from him that helped even more with range and endurance that was much more comfortable.
What causes discomfort varies for each of us of course …
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Re: Anyone using a Wedge Mouthpiece?

Post by walldaja »

I started using a Wedge on trumpet in 08 and really liked it. Got one for euphonium and liked it on that also. Currently I use other pieces on all of my instruments but like musicofnote it did have use to me in resolving some issues until I found things that I liked better.

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Re: Anyone using a Wedge Mouthpiece?

Post by guitrhythm »

Thank you all for your comments and experience on the Wedge. It helps me to sort things through a bit.
I currently play second part on my medium bore Shires with a large shank Yamaha 48 which is usually pretty comfortable overall. I also have a Bach 5G that I try occasionally but I never have been tremendously successful controlling its focus. But mostly I think I’m looking for something with a wider and more comfortable rim that may allow me more endurance with my embrochure. I will look further into the Wedge as well as the Doug Elliott mouthpiece and the Griego Markey. Thanks again. Most appreciated.
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Re: Anyone using a Wedge Mouthpiece?

Post by GGJazz »

Hi folks.

I am using Wedge mpcs from maybe 13 years .
To me , Wedge mpcs are THE mpcs .!

Before this brand , I was playing with a Laskey 93D . It was really fine , and I was happy with this piece.
Then , just to give it a try , I bought a Wedge 1G mpc ; from that moment on , I never come back to others brands . It was as my chops was telling to me " finally at home...!!" .
Then , after a couple of years , Dr. Dave made for me a custom mpc , with a 0.114 rim ID , a cup as the Schilke 59 , and a 0.310 throat .

Of course , a mpc is a personal thing , so someone like a piece , others hate it .
In my case , everything was going better : endurance , comfort , tone , slotting , etc .
From the first tone I play in the day , the tone is at his best .

I am using the same Wedge mpc for so many years , and I do not need even to think about anything else about mpcs ...

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