Trombone Refinish

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Trombone Refinish

Post by Talpo64 »

Hi, I'm looking to refinish my C. G. Conn 88H USA somewhere in Europe.

Do anybody know some who can do that?
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Re: Trombone Refinish

Post by Chazzer69 »

Maybe ? I know nothing about their work other than the pictures.
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Re: Trombone Refinish

Post by DougHulme »

Without Hesitation I would say Muller Lack in Germany. they have done some superb work on my trombones and at the moment because we dont have much choice of lacquer companies in the UK, many of the UK's technicians are sending their work to them for re lacquering, although they have done the prep themselves. I know numerous other well known companies in Europe all send their instruments there, including some manufacturers. they are good.

The other alternative is to take it to one of the manufacturers like Voight they can probably fit you in and Kirsten the owner is sure to give you a good reception, she's lovely. Theres always a chance that Thein might also take on your work if they are not busy as we all know their craftmanship is simply impeccable.

Hope that helps

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