Just another trombonist

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Just another trombonist

Post by musicofnote »

I don't care, I like his playing....

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Re: Just another trombonist

Post by hyperbolica »

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Re: Just another trombonist

Post by bitbckt »

I care, and also like his playing! :P
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Re: Just another trombonist

Post by EriKon »

Gerd is great and a super nice guy! I've played a few times with him and it was a huge pleasure. He had some steady and temporary solo chairs with German orchestras, last with Bremer Philharmoniker for about 2 years if I'm not mistaken. Haven't met him or spoke to him for a while now, but I think he's back to doing freelancing and even more specializing on early music nowadays.
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Re: Just another trombonist

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Very nice!
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