Bass trombone made by Weril

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Bass trombone made by Weril

Post by tomato »

do anyone know anything on this model GG292L Gagliardi ? made by Weril price ? also is this a proffesional model :idea: is 9 1/2 gold brass bell, independent valve open wrap .3 lead pipe 562 bore? :clever:
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Re: Bass trombone made by Weril

Post by marccromme »

Yes. I owned one, and was happy to sell it again. Heavy and cluncky, bad response. You work hard on this one for medicore results.

Also on owned a Chinese Yamaha 613H clone, then sold by Wessex Tuba, which was better in both build, response, intonation, and alignment of partials.

You get most value for your money if you find a used Yamaha, Conn, Bach. ... etc.
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Re: Bass trombone made by Weril

Post by Blabberbucket »

Don't spend your money on a Weril-made instrument. They are poorly built, difficult to get repair parts for, and generally just not good instruments.
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