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In 1969, when I started on the trombone, I played a 6 1/2AL and stayed on it for 40 years. Then I was given a Parduba double cup by Delbert Dale, the retired 1st Trumpet of the Japan Philharmonic, and I continue to play on that for the last 18 years. I am now looking for something maybe a little smaller. Any one have thoughts in regard to the Yamaha 45C2? (Yes, I'm old!) I play lead in several big bands in Central Indiana, church orchestras, and I play in a 3 horn cover band that does lots of jazz work also.

I ordered a Butler Carbon Trombone last June and it may get here in Indy some time soon. I ordered the gold plating and that's what has been the hold up. This will be only the second trombone I've ever purchased for myself in my entire lifetime. I'm very excited to get it as it's supposed to be quite a bit lighter than my Bach Strad and I have bed arthritis, so this may be a dream come true!
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Re: Mouthpieces

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I have a gold plated Parduba 4 for sale. I don’t know if it was ever used. (It came with a horn I bought.)
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Re: Mouthpieces

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Ewigleben wrote: Fri Sep 15, 2023 7:46 am I am now looking for something maybe a little smaller. Any one have thoughts in regard to the Yamaha 45C2?
The Yamaha 45C2 is close to the size & shape of a Bach 12C. It's a well-made mouthpiece. I find that this (once very popular) size piece is too small for my face and playing style. Like many, I prefer mouthpieces a little larger, and with a more open throat, even for lead work.
Examples: Yamaha 47 ; Marcinkiewicz ET4 "Ulyate" ; Schilke 47 or 47B ; Stork Custom T2 ; Bach 6¾C

But your preferences may (almost surely will) be different than mine!
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Re: Mouthpieces

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The 45C2 is a good mouthpiece. If it works for you and you get a good sound and have the control you need for your gigs, That`s all that matters. We all play something different , what works for me may not work for you at all.
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