Trombone and Guitar Pedals/Effects Boards

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Trombone and Guitar Pedals/Effects Boards

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Hi Y'all,

I'm currently working on my PhD in composition and I'm writing a couple of new works for 'classical' bone with guitar pedals/effects boards - aimed at the advanced college student, rather than the usual virtuosic style compositions that seem to fall out academia (nothing negative there, just an massive generalisation!).
One thing I need to do is research what is currently available, so I'm calling on the wisdom of the trombone community .... and, boy, aren't we wise!!
I'm after published (or readily available) works that feature trombone, with any ensemble or just solo, that uses electroacoustic accompaniment of any sort written since the turn of the century. They can have small areas of improvisation, but primarily need to fit into the very broad 'contemporary classical' genre.
I've found some works with software based accompaniment and a number with looping pedals, but I am really focusing on works that use multiple pedals/effects boards, but please feel free to include anything that you have seen or heard.
Thanks heaps.
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Re: Trombone and Guitar Pedals/Effects Boards

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I’m not site of this is what you are after but check out trombonist Raul de Souza. Particularly his album Don’t Ask My Neighbor and ‘TIl Tomorrow Comes. He uses a lot of effects pedals on his trombone.
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Re: Trombone and Guitar Pedals/Effects Boards

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Here are a few that I've been involved with and think are quite :

Katherine Young - Puddles and Crumbles for trombone and pedals ... and-crumbs

Michelle Lou- Honeydripper for trombone and pedals

Sam Pluta- Matrix for George Lewis. Two trombones, midi foot pedals, and super colider. really cool score video

Adi Snir- Strainer for two trombones and pedals

Michelle Lou- Hexa for two euphoniums and pedals (plus some other tech operated by the two players).

Scott Walker- Rubato for two trombones with pedals and string orchestra. unforunately the recording isn't allowed to be shared

Wolfgang von Schweinitz- Juz (A Yodel Cry) for trombone and playback, triggered by player. ... -yodel-cry

Alvin Lucier- windshadows for trombone and closely tuned sine wave oscillators

Davíð Brynjar Franzson - Aviary Fragment trombone and live electronics- excerpt from "an urban archive as an english garden'" 28 channel performance installation. really beautiful one- the trombone is activating resonators within the field recordings that spatalize the sound. ... n-progress

Morton Subotnick- the Wild Beasts for trombone, piano, and electronic ghost score (now a max patch)

most of the scores should be availiable. feel free to write if not!
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Re: Trombone and Guitar Pedals/Effects Boards

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That's most excellent - checking them out will keep me going for a bit and sounds like bloody fun as well!
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Re: Trombone and Guitar Pedals/Effects Boards

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You probably already know about these but I’ll list the anyway.

Jeremy Wilson recorded two pieces: Loop D Loop by James Stephenson and Blue: A Broken Glass Bottle by Ryan Middagh.

John Sipher from the Colorado Symphony has several that he wrote:

Hana Beloglavec plays:

There are a few more that I can’t quite remember it will add when I do.

Good luck and I’m interested in reading about what you’re doing,

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