Dental work issues

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Dental work issues

Post by martinfan »

Greetings! I have some major long overdue dental work issues coming up. I'm concerned about how these will affect my playing. Specifically, I have an upcoming root canal on one of my lower right teeth plus extraction of the right molar and tooth next to it, and a molar on my left side that needs to be crowned. Any advice? Thank you!
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Re: Dental work issues

Post by BGuttman »

When I had root canals I couldn't play while the anesthetic was active -- took several hours to clear. After that I was able to play normally.

With extractions, follow instructions about laying off until the empty sockets heal. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. There are other threads here about tooth extractions and what to do about them.
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Re: Dental work issues

Post by Drombone »

I doubt that work on more lateral teeth will have much of an impact. I had my upper R 5 extracted and RCT on my lower L 6 done and neither affected my playing. Work on your 1s and 2s (the incisors) would perhaps be problematic.

But I'm a doctor, not a dentist.
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Re: Dental work issues

Post by Cmillar »

Good news (speaking from much experience in the dentist chair several years ago for long neglected dental work): you'll survive and continue playing!

Not so good news: you'll have to have some recovery time from actually putting the horn to your face. That will vary depending on the healing process.

My advice to younger trombone players (..which is always do what I say, not what I've done!):

- use a real toothpaste with real fluoride (ie: Crest Pro Health)
- floss everyday
- get teeth cleaned regularly

Then, you'll be fine whether you have crooked teeth or look like Tom Cruise.
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