Yamaha Slide Lubricant

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Yamaha Slide Lubricant

Post by walldaja »

When I picked up a 65 year old horn today the shop owner recommended a new slide lube from Yamaha. It is in a tubular bottle with a purple label. Recommends cleaning the slide of previous oils / moisture and then applying a slight amount to both inners. Add a spritz of water as needed.

I use SoM on all my other horns but I was duly impressed with this new lube on my old Besson.

Rob said it doesn't cake up like the Yamaha slide cream.

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Re: Yamaha Slide Lubricant

Post by Burgerbob »

Yes, it's been around for quite some time. I have used it for maybe 10 years now.

Feel free to not even use water, I haven't used it at all in those 10 years.
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Re: Yamaha Slide Lubricant

Post by Posaunus »

Yes, the Yamaha slide lube is very good. Just a dab on each stocking, another dab on upper slide. Work it in by rotating and sliding. On my (good) slides I spray a tiny mist of distilled water about once/hour (if at all). Works great!
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Re: Yamaha Slide Lubricant

Post by TomWest »

+1 for Yamaha slide lube.
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Re: Yamaha Slide Lubricant

Post by Olofson »

For me Trombotine works better, I think it depends on my saliva.
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Re: Yamaha Slide Lubricant

Post by boneberg »

Yep, what they (above) said!
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Re: Yamaha Slide Lubricant

Post by harrisonreed »

+1. Though it seems like the first few uses are a billion times better than the rest of what's in the bottle. No matter how much you shake it up.
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Re: Yamaha Slide Lubricant

Post by EriKon »

+1. For some older horns with slightly corroded inner slide tubes I discovered other combinations (Trombotine and water spray) to be better, but for everything else, Yamaha it is. I just recently did a direct comparison of the combined SlideOMix and the Yamaha. Yamaha is definitely worth the doubled price.
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Re: Yamaha Slide Lubricant

Post by marccromme »

Yamaha purple slide lubricant works even very fine on my Eb front action piston valves. And the best valve oil works fine until the piston suddently starts sticking, whereas Jammy slide snot gets slowly slower, but never sticks my tuba valves.
Meaning I know when to reapply without sticking valves. Works on euph too...
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Re: Yamaha Slide Lubricant

Post by ParLawGod »

Love Yamaha Slide Oil! Though (I find) for my older horns, Yamaha Slide Cream works a tad better.
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Re: Yamaha Slide Lubricant

Post by Matt K »

I use a base of trombotine and then Yamaha stuff. That combination lasts forever for me
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Re: Yamaha Slide Lubricant

Post by GabrielRice »

I use the Yamaha stuff on my Shires slides, but Trombotine works much better on my older instruments (a mid/late 60s Bach 50 and a 1940 Conn 70H).
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Re: Yamaha Slide Lubricant

Post by joshealejo »

I have read in past that the Yamaha Cream, slide lubricant and water were conceived to work all together (do not remember well but probably a Japanese site or something alikes). Putting one screen of cream then add water and then a couple of drops of the slide lubricant to adjust slipperiness. This mixing was logical to me as the base cream would add a more durable base and then the lubricant would be only to make It slipper and one could add little drops instead of several as with no cream base (slide lubricant alone or with water). This should extend lifetime of both a cream and a lubricant. I have tried this myself not much time along and told a couple of friends who also tryed It and we all got satisfied.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Yamaha Slide Lubricant

Post by CalgaryTbone »

I use a combination of cream and the liquid too. I started by using both of the Yamaha products, but tried Trombone instead and it was just a bit better. I don't use the cream (Trombone) every time, and I use very little of each product. I also wipe down the inner slides after working the slide back and forth before applying the liquid (again, just a few drops). This process works pretty well for me, and lasts longer than just the liquid alone.

Jim Scott
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