NHD: Bach LT50K3LG

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Re: NHD: Bach LT50K3LG

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Maybe there is a slight coriolis effect when blowing out the water key?

At least I've noticed it on very long, extended notes; in Europe the dizziness spin clockwise, while I was surprised to spin left in South Africa.
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Re: NHD: Bach LT50K3LG

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"Now" this conversation is getting good!!

I also haven't had a Coopers in some years. You're making me homesick!!
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Re: NHD: Bach LT50K3LG

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I haven't played the horn much lately- did some stuff the last couple weeks on other horns. I got it out the last couple days to play against the Trubore Shires I just picked up.

Here's some thoughts, as played with an Edwards DBN slide:

Amazing, wide, vocal sound. This is not a spread mess, or fuzzy, or lacking core... it's a real sound that I've never heard out of a bass trombone before.

Once you get used to the K valves, they are still slow. But once you get used to that... they play great. It is nearly impossible to distinguish between notes on and off the valve, even obvious ones like Gb in the top of the staff.

Low range sounds and feels great. But... once you get to the pedals, it does not. All the pedals work, but the sound is diminished a bit and they don't respond the same way. Could be the slide combo, but the rest of the horn works with it.

Attacks are not ultra quick, but also not locked away behind a door, either.

Really, the biggest downside of the horn is the ergonomics of the valves- there is so much mass to move, and so little spring to move them back that really quick movement is just a problem.

I'm excited to play this one in an ensemble at some point. It is not just a meme instrument.
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