[June 30] Obamacare deadline

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[June 30] Obamacare deadline

Post by robcat2075 » Mon May 31, 2021 2:48 pm

If you have an "Obamacare" marketplace health insurance policy (thanks, Obama!), the subsidies for lower incomes were increased in the recent economic stimulus act (thanks, Biden!).

To get the increased subsidy you need to re-do your policy selection at Healthcare.gov.

Basically, you log in, click on your 2021 application, claim a "life change event" (like "income change", no explanations needed), and then re-confirm all the answers you made before. When you get to the end, your current policy will be shown with the new lower price, which you will choose to accept.

Mine was about $100 lower!

But you have to do this by today, May 31 to get the new price in June.

If you don't read this until after May 31 you can still do this maneuver in June... to get the new price in July.

If you have a marketplace policy you probably already got an email explaining this, but... who reads emails?
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