FS Getzen Custom series 3047AF Tenor trombone with Thayer

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FS Getzen Custom series 3047AF Tenor trombone with Thayer

Post by ttf_mark fellows » Wed Jan 31, 2018 12:36 pm

Getzen Custom Series 3047AF Professional Tenor Trombone
8 1/2 inch Yellow Bell
Axial Flow (Thayer) Valve with open wrap tubing
.547 Large Bore
Modular Design- change bells, tuning slides leadpipes
No Dents
Excellent Slide action
Good Lacquer Finish

I was fortunate to buy one of the earliest Edwards trombones in the state in the mid 90's. Very few trombonists at that time were even aware they existed. Made at a sparate shop within the Getzen plant, they quite quickly aquired a great reputation and folowing and became a dominant player in the symphonic trombone world. The only downside was cost and leadtime as the modular design and many choices of components made life difficult for the shop to get them produced.

A year or so after I got my Edwards, Getzen came out with a solution to the cusomizing difficulties. They offered their Custom Series in two versions, red bell or yellow bell. These could be sold through normal music stores and made in mass production- still from the Edwards pro shop at Getzen. I played one of the new Custom Series and as far as I could tell, it was a clone of my Edwards.

These have been available for about 20 years at this point and have established a reputation as the best mass produced symphonic trombones on the market. There is a top trombone studio in our area that simply tells their students that this is the only symphonic trombone to consider. I am not sure that I would go that far but I am a big fan and think that for the money it is a leader.

This one came to me with a few bumps and dings that were professionally removed and some hand contact lacquer that was refinished. Slide was cleaned and aligned - it is now fast free smooth and silent, like a slide should be and the valve was cleaned and new rubber bumpers installed. It now operates like a Thayer should - valved notes and non valved notes are indistinguishable.

This is a trombone that can play into th extreme upper range and still milk a ballad or pop a pedal. It can project through the largest ensemble or blend in a section.

Comes with one leadpipe- others available online or through music shops.
Case in good shape with a few scrapes of vinyl on outside- good structure will protect horn and it looks good. Also a Shilke Dixon mouthpiece- about a 5G in size - good fit for the horn.

These sell for about $3700 new - this should be a great chance to get a superb horn for a good value!

1795 plus shipping- firm

Photos at http://s1126.photobucket.com/user/mfell ... t=2&page=1
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