Slider Monsters now on iTunes

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Slider Monsters now on iTunes

Post by noordinaryjoe »

A while back I looked and their 2018 album wasn't on iTunes, but now it is. Saved me from purchasing a $60+ CD from Japan. (actually, this was a fabulous surprise gift from my partner yesterday)

For those that don't know, the Slider Monsters Trombone Quartet consists of:

Joseph Alessi, Eijiro Nakagawa, Marshall Gilkes, and Brandt Attema

I highly recommend it!

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Re: Slider Monsters now on iTunes

Post by Ultranova1984 »

Great news, thanks! But why don't they release a new album? It seems to me that this is already a bit old school, first to sell the disc, and only then upload it to streaming services)
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Re: Slider Monsters now on iTunes

Post by tmccarle »

Saw on Joe's website that they have now released a second album. It can be bought on his website from the looks of it.
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