Horns for sale!

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Horns for sale!

Post by Jimkinkella » Fri Mar 30, 2018 8:27 pm

I have a few horns that need to be let back into the wild:
All prices include shipping CONUS
Pics available if you're interested.

Abilene Conn 8H
Good condition. Good lacquer on the bell, just ok on the tuning slide, slide lacquer not great.
There is evidence of a repair on the bell throat at the lower brace.
Very good slide, no Connitis, very slight wear on the finish on the lower stockings.
Press-fit leadpipe, unmarked, seems to be a Bach.
One of the best playing 8hs I've found, plays slightly Bach-like, it's a combination of construction and leadpipe, I actually don't like regular Conn leadpipes in this one.
$950 including an SKB 360 case, it fits nice and snug

1982(ish) King 3b 2103
Very good condition. Great lacquer, a bit of wear on the cork barrel, grip area, and slide crook.
There is a scrape with some finish loss and a very, very slight flattening on the back side of the tuning crook.
Good slide, no issues, good condition for a horn from this era.
A quintessential solid 3b from this year, plays kinda light but not too bright.
$800 including a Kaces styrofoam SKB knockoff case

Fullerton Olds Recording R20 w/F-attachment
Amazing horn, no dings, no dents, and almost zero slide wear.
Lacquer is like 90% awesome, there's a scratch down the left face of the bell, and there's usage wear on the tuning slides. Wear on the slide grip and some pitting towards the slide crook.
The tiny little Olds valve works surprisingly well.
Original fluted slide tubes, excellent shape. A couple of pinhead spots worn off of the finish, no effect on action.
$950 including a Reynolds coffin case, if the lacquer was perfect it would be a lot more.

Los Angeles Olds Recording R15 straight
Laquer: It's rough, grip is worn, slide outers seem to have original finish with a cool bronzish patina. This horn has seen some life.
A bit of wear on the top of the stockings, original fluted inners.
$500 with original case

Selmer Largo
Good shape, not sure about this one.
If you're really into this horn make me an offer

Feel free to email me at: jim(at)jimkinkella.com
If you're in the L.A. area you're welcome to stop by and check 'em out.
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Re: Horns for sale!

Post by cozzagiorgi » Thu Aug 09, 2018 3:01 am

Is the conn 8h sold?
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Re: Horns for sale!

Post by Jimkinkella » Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:18 am

8h is still available
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Re: Horns for sale!

Post by mrdeacon » Thu Aug 09, 2018 5:10 pm

Both the Texas 8h and Largo Jim has are killer! I wish I had the dough to pick up that 8h!
Conn 8H 2010s, Elliott XT
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