New Album Assembly out today

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New Album Assembly out today

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New album "Assembly" is out today.
You can buy a digital download on Bandcamp, Amazon, or iTunes.

If you’re in the US, you can order a CD directly from my site.

We're doing a CD release show on May 25 at Barbès!
Jacob Garchik: trombone
Sam Newsome: soprano saxophone
Jacob Sacks: piano
Thomas Morgan: bass
Dan Weiss: drums

In February 2021, in the brutal isolation of the pre-vaccine pandemic, I felt the frustration of so many musicians, unable to perform or jam with my peers in almost a year. I brought together a quintet to record small group jazz in a studio with enough isolation booths to record simultaneously. This initial assembly, playing blues and standards with no heads, created a swinging jam session atmosphere - to us it felt more than a little cathartic. For the next 3 months I used these recordings for another type of assembly, cutting, pasting, transcribing, composing, reordering and reworking. We met for a second time in May 2021 to record my original compositions and collages based on, and sometimes overlaid atop, our playing.
The process of making the record was less like a classic jazz album of the late 50s and more like a rock record of the late 60s. I was always puzzled by the typical jazz recording process. Even in experimental jazz, most of the time the studio is used to record a kind of idealized snapshot of a performance - people present complete takes, rarely overdub, and use the studio to clean up performances rather than radically alter them. Assembly doesn’t resemble a performance; it is undoubtedly a studio creation. There are multiple, overdubbed rhythm sections playing the same swing tempo; there are overlaid tracks in two different tempi; there are pieces that are built from loops or some that devolve into loops like a skipping record; there are edits so abrupt the tracks were initially rejected by an itunes algorithm that thought they were a mistake.
I wanted to do something swinging, which I had never really done before on one of my own albums. I love to play blues and standards and play within the grand bebop tradition. It’s endlessly fascinating and satisfying no matter what the cutting edge is. It’s like chess, an old game with fixed rules, certainly not the only game to play, but there are always new ways to play it.
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Re: New Album Assembly out today

Post by X200 »

Congrats! I just ordered my CD. It's hard to believe The Heavens is 10 years old. Terrific album.
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