Japan-only Yamaha

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Japan-only Yamaha

Post by norbie2018 » Sun Oct 28, 2018 1:04 pm

This is a reach, but does anyone know where I can find specs for large bore Yamaha trombones that were sold in Japan only? Example: ysl-820goll.

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Re: Japan-only Yamaha

Post by sirisobhakya » Sun Oct 28, 2018 6:58 pm

If you can read a bit of Japanese (or if Google Translate is acceptable for you), the Yamaha official website.

https://jp.yamaha.com/products/musical_ ... index.html

Also, Japanese brochure (with a strange file name...).

https://jp.yamaha.com/files/download/br ... onborn.pdf

But as far as I know, there are only 2 large-bore horns in the current JDM lineup that is not offered elsewhere: YSL-820GII and the new YSL-823G. The other large-bore horns (882/G, 882O/GO, 882OR/GOR) are identical worldwide.

The 820GII is a Custom Series horn with a closed wrap, .547” bore, and a slide with extruded oversleeve. The difference between it and the previous custom (820G) is mainly a miniball rotor linkage. A friend in my former band in Japan plays it, and I think it is a good horn: pretty versatile with a smooth sound. The horn is also offered with the most options in Yamaha’s made-to-order lineup: yellow or gold brass bell, narrow or wide slide, custom slide and tuning slide material, and lightweight slide (the only large bore horn to have this option), etc. it is also (much) cheaper than the Xeno horns: ¥270K for base model versus ¥370-420K.

There is no 820GOII as far as I know. The only open-wrap Yamahas are the 882O/GO and 882OR/GOR.

The 823G is developed in collaboration with Nakagawa Eijiro. Gold brass lightweight bell, .547” bore, lightweight brass slide, lightening of parts such as no guard rings around tuning slide receiver. In the paper I think it is a bit of an odd ball, but I have no chance to try it yet; it came out after I came back from Japan.
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Re: Japan-only Yamaha

Post by BillO » Thu Nov 08, 2018 12:07 pm

I think the 882V is Japan only as well.

I'd love to try one out.
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