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Classifieds Rules & Information

Postby Sliphorn » Fri Mar 04, 2016 1:57 am

Welcome to the TromboneChat Classifieds! Here you will find rules and key points. These may differ from your past forum experiences:

1. TromboneChat is not eBay and does not guarantee transaction satisfaction.

2. The TromboneChat administrators and moderators are in no way endorsing any sellers, advertisers, or items sold through the Classifieds.

3. Browsing the TromboneChat Classifieds is free.

4. Posting advertisements to the TromboneChat Classifieds requires a yearly donation of $10. This is good for one year from the date of payment and enables unlimited posting privileges (within the confines of the Rules). This will help fund TromboneChat in perpetuity. All educational and discussion content will be freely accessible as long as funds allow. This donation discourages fly-by-night scammers, spam posts, & the like. (Implementation will take place on April 4, 2016)

5. Occasional "bump posts" are allowed in this forum, provided they are no more frequent than once per week and are not abused. The purpose of a “bump” post is to get the ad back in front of active users who may have missed it, not to spam the board with items you can’t seem to sell. Users who are, in the opinion of the moderators, abusing this privilege will be warned. After a warning, if the abuse continues, the user will be temporarily banned from posting or modifying existing posts.

6. If you are banned for any reason, the donation will not be returned to you.

Enjoy browsing and posting in the Classifieds! Please send the moderators a PM if you need clarification.
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